Female friend in office
"It feels so nice that we have a computer science grad with us. How else would have we managed to set up the printer without you?"

Not kidding. This actually happened with me.

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    Well, at least positive feedback. It's a start 😀
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    Have seen enough CS grad can't handle anything hardware…
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    A CS grad is likely the most qualified to install a printer in many offices even if it's got nothing to do with the education. Rather a general interest in computers in the background. So yes. It's like how a race driver might be the best to check the spark plugs even if it's no where near the usual routine - just because the others are so clueless..

    That said I am so _very_ pleased being able to say "I've only used Debian and OS X for years and years now so I have no idea". Also having an IT department that don't let us do anything saves me a whole lot of helping others :)
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    The most important question, depending on your answer she may be absolved of her crimes... Does she look good?
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    As an ex IT guy I'm not surprised at all
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    The struggle in Florida is real
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    Ask her for a date, geek ;-)
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