I can't take this anymore. How can you teach someone else if you don't know how to code js?!😫

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    I'm pretty solid in some languages, but only have a basic understanding of Javascript. Why shouldn't I tech python?
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    @Kimmax everybody can teach machine learning with Python. The problem is on the error condition 🤔 can you spot it? 😏
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    @sunfishcc probably !==
    I would expect that findUser wouldn't / shouldn't execute that callback at all if user == null
    But maybe that's just JS things
    Or a badly designed SDK
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    Also checking !err is useless, it'll always be true
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    And that else could be saved, code after that second statement wouldn't execute anyways since the early return
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    @Kimmax you've passed this trail! better than the Indian lecturer in Hong Kong university. Omg. How am I end up there ?! 😨
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    Looks like someone barfed on a keyboard and called it code, so id say its perfectly valid javascript.
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    Async/await solves any problems regarding JavaScript
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