Gotta love product owners that don't seem to understand agile.

We delivered the set number of items in the sprint we committed to plus a little extra polish. During the last day of the sprint we're spending the time to push all our work to UAT do he can actually perform acceptance testing...

He decides he should chase all of us up on stuff that we never commited to or even mentioned we'd touch.

Had to explain it to him at least 5 times during the day.

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    Open a task for him in the issue tracker "understand agile", with links to read.
    tell him he has stuff to do everytime this happens. when he closes as "done", reopen everytime this happens again... he will get thr idea eventually.
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    yeah, gotta love people like that. my company is actually getting sued because the PO didn't really understand Scrum and is now pissed off that things did not work out exactly as he (or she, dunno) planned
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    @magicMirror not a bad shout actually, could link the scrum guide haha
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    @CoffeeNcode Damn, that sucks.. can't imagine it'll go well for whoever is suing the company though
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    @BashouT From what I heard, it can go either way. According to the boss, we are technically on the good side in terms of the law, but unfortunately the judge never seems to have heard about scrum before.
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