Receives email from warranty guy in work.

Warranty: "Hi, see attached scan in PDF form.
I normally fill the boxes in manually, scan as pdf to myself and then email it on to the higher ups, but they now say they need it in excel form from now on! Can you convert it for me?"

Me: "It looks like your scan's quality isn't good enough for a convert to excel.
Where do you get the original form?
Is it from a website?"

Warranty: "Hang on and ill send you an email with the file and give you a call"

*receives email and a phone call"

"There you go. Theres an excel sheet in that email. what do i do?"

Me: "So.... just so I understand the question... you just fill in this excel sheet, scan as pdf and send it on... but they want it sent as an excel form and not a pdf?"


"So.... Could you not just fill in the excel sheet and email it to them?"

"What do you mean?"

"....fill in the excel sheet as normal, and go to file, share and email... send the original one on."

"And what would that do?"

"...you... you'd be sending the form as an excel sheet, as requested??"

Warranty: *silence for 10 seconds* Oh, i see now. I get you! You're a genius! Well done for figuring it out. Thanks a million!!"


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    Yes can you please convert my excel converted PDF that was converted from word so I can send it as an excel file...

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    I think you should convert him into an unemployed person
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    Just... Wow.
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    "This is how I was sending it, but they only want the excel version"
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    That part when he called you a genius because you figured out how to save a file in the default format...
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    @px06 you forgot the step where you put it on a wooden table and take a photo of it
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    Good job mate. That was a hard problem to solve...
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    @px06 +1 for proper parenthetical​ closure. :)
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    A few more of those and you'll be a bigger genius than the folks at the Apple store.
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