Ssh'd into raspberry pi:

$ sudo ip link set dev wlan0 down

*waits 5 minutes for response*

Oh.. Oh yeah..

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    Always hook pi's up to Ian, that's so much faster. My pi had speeds around 80kbps with lags and any more than typing a few commands wasn't possible with it.
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    @YouAreAPIRate well, the speed isn't the problem, I turned off the wifi adapter and didn't realise that would stop me from being connected
    It needs to be wireless since its a robot
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    I once activated the mac filter on my router and mistyped one character of the address...
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    @CWins how did you fix It?
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    I did that once with eth0… The lengths I went to to get a monitor 😂
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    I once mistakenly set the crontab on my pi to reboot every minute, it was interesting trying to fix that
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    Hardware reset >_<
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    Day 2, nobody realized i wrote IAN instead of LAN
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    @YouAreAPIRate always hook up pi's to ian? Who's Ian? What does he want with my pi?
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    @j4cobgarby that's between me and Ian
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    I SSH into my ZeroW over WiFi all the time from my Windows 10 machine (using Moba).

    It's blazing fast. Literally everything is instant. @YouAreAPIRate
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    @intromatt in my case i used a usb-wifi-dongle and there was a wall and some distance between pi and router. It got better when i tried with a pi3, but there still were some lags.
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    No question Ethernet will give you the best connectivity but the WiFiness on the W really works well.

    Ohhh..have you Googled the tech behind the antenna on the W? Neat stuff...@YouAreAPIRate
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    RDP to my dev VM, change firewall rules to allow single subnet to connect. My physical machine is on a different subnet *bye*
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