Sometimes I wonder:

Who actually cares?
About what I do
About what I make
About me.

Why put in effort if there is no different result? Why am I always sad? What ruins my day? Is there really hope? Why? So many life questions I want answered. Do I care too much? I definitely think way too much. Why am I so lazy. The questions I have.

To a better day.

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    I think about those too. Still haven't found the answers
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    'We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one' - Doctor Who (11th doctor)
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    @Floydian having made someone's day, you made my day. Thanks bud, have a great rest of your day!
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    Try this video (optimistic nihilism):

    Also try to lookup Jordan Peterson on youtube.
    The guy has dope lectures online for the sole purpose of guiding us towards getting our life together

    My own opinion:
    In a way you can see everything as pointless. Cause in a way everything is if you think in a large enough perspective. So why do anything at all right? Well figure out your own purpose. When you have something that drives your passion. Something that makes you high on dopamine. Something that excites you to wake up everyday. Whether that's some sociopolitical cause, a really cool project, a startup you want to grow, or someone you truly deeply care about. When you find that thing that gives you meaning again. Then it'll drag your mind back to Earth where things make sense, where life has meaning. It'll make you excited to get up from bed everyday and get back to your goal(s).
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    And you're not really lazy I think. You just lack reason. No reason to do anything. Nothing you care about. It's starting to become a common problem nowadays.

    So go figure out what you want from your life. And fuck finding the ultimate absolute truth. It's not important. Only your reality matters.
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    1000 word limit... 🤔
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    I suggest a good book for those who feel down.

    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
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    Try some acid
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    You should start by making yourself the first person on that list of people who care about what you do and make. Finding that passion for what you are doing regardless of what other people may think might seem like a difficult path at first, but that passion and determination to achieve and communicate your vision really does draw people in. More importantly, it will open up an environment where the people you do surround yourself with can really matter and have meaning.

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    It's all too easy to dwell on what you feel is missing, but if you take yourself on a journey of self first, find the reason you got into Dev in the first place and explore that further. Think about the possibilities it has presented you and the many it could open up in the future. Think about what you want to do with that power, think about the things you want to change, whether that is making the world a better place, solving a problem you think no one has given the time of day it deserves or connecting people and the understandings we share to bring out the best in others. Grab that by the balls and run with in, in everything you do and every decision you make. It may not be immediately apparent, but people will start to notice that you stand for something and fight to see it a reality.
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    I thought about it too, and reality is harsh.
    I came to the conclusion that 99% of the time, useless projects can be compared to a grain of sand.
    If you make for example an Arduino robot, don't make it do useless crap and say "look at the potential!"
    To get acknowledged, you would need to do the potential.
    That's reality. No matter how good your Arduino robot is, if people won't benefit from it, they'll leave it.
    So start doing projects that help you, and you only. Because while that happens, you'll help others.
    Git had a similar story, it was to help Linus when developing Linux and now, it helps millions but you rarely see how many acknowledge the hours and work put in, they just use it.

    I sincerely hope you'll feel better soon❤️
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    @irene yes there is. The author is some Mark Mason. It's worth a read.
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    Holy crap, I didn't expect this rant to gain that much traction. Thank you all for commenting, I did get a little more better since! :)

    @brasorexia thank you so much. I'll take a look at that video later, but those words are magnificent.

    @emyu10 not an avid reader but I'll still give it a look. Thanks!

    @ALivingMemory I came to that conclusion after about an hour or so, just a little simpler. Regardless, thanks!

    @RAZERZ I do indeed feel better. I've gotten a project with a deck of cards and PHP. ;)

    @irene me too but the limiting factor is knowledge, but like I said, I've gotten a new project and now I can learn PHP!
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