Dear diary,
I've always thought companies not using any kind of vcs is a myth. Today I learned that one of my friends is working for such a company.

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    Tell us about it!
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    Well he's actually the boyfriend of my friend. After knowing that he's also a developer, I asked about their deployment process as I'm also learning about CI with gitlab
    The conversation is something like this:
    - We just upload the source code directly to the server
    - So you don't use any kind of vcs?
    - No, we don't. We edit the source directly and re-upload it to the server
    - What if you and your colleagues are working on the same thing?
    - There're only 2 people in the team, one will have to wait
    - ok...
    I was shocked cos I thought this kind of development only exists as a fun story. I tried to tell him some benefits of vcs but he didn't seem to care :-/
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    @Xamenyap that's sad. vcs has saved me numerous times.
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    I guess for people who don't already know vcs, and hvn't encounter the trouble either, they won't invest time in it... even if it takes so small time
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    on the company I work in, I had to implement a vcs if I wanted, which I did, long story short: now I have to add git to 5 projects plus implement Continuous Delivery and unit tests to all of them...
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    God I hate these people
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