I think the hardest thing about being a programmer in college with a security emphasis is when I approach a business for a penetration test or for a vulnerability analysis (your pick) is that they almost always say, "you are pretty young don't you think?"

Ummmm not sure what that has to do with it. If it would make you feel better I have claimed bug bounties from an antivirus company, a bank, several local businesses in my area and I do this for work at my 9-5.

And this week I got this, "I think I would like someone older so we can define the goals better."

Oh so rules of engagement, yeah of course I understand that and that's something we would discuss and draw up a contract for...

"Well we really need someone more skilled."

---- End of story ----

I don't understand, you haven't asked about certifications or schooling and you glanced at my resume for exactly 5 seconds what the hell do you want? Me to double my age over night?

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    After enough of that I'd probably do them for free after being turned down.
    Along with a demonstration.
    Because what the fuck.

    Probably not the best idea, though.
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    Also, welcome to devRant!
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    You could always hack their shit anyway and then go back like "alright so I'm clearly old enough to see your security is piss poor, NOW do you want to talk?" Disclaimer: not legal advice
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    Alternatively just do stuff online? No face to face wankery
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    @classyman that's usually what I do. And wankery is a new word that I am gonna steal from you. XD
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    Just insist that you're 40 even though it's clear that you're not. :)
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    Can't you just say you identify as a 40yr old full stack developer? It's 2018.
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