Hey, privacy guys, I've recently decided to switch to DDG, and I just came across this DDG browser addon. It promises things like
"block all the hidden trackers", which is what AdBlock can also do, "force sites to use an encrypted connection", which makes no sense since most websites using https will redirect to https automatically, "Search Privately", which is already supported by them without installing the add-on, and "Decode Privacy Policies" which is the only feature that seems to be useful. Should I use it?

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    I use it since ghostery turned into what it is now. I trust ddg, even though there is no reason to. Perhaps someone else can tell why you can(t) trust ddg.

    If you want a subset of the ddg-addons features i recommend https everywhere and privacy badger from eff. Both are open source and from a respectable organization.
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    Oh, and i dont know if adblock still blocks goohle analytics. I put in on my noscript-blacklist, but there might be other trackers on the adblock-whitelist. The ddg-addon might protect you from them.
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    Thanks for your advice, I think I'll give a chance for the DDG add-on...
    And I checked it, AdBlock doesn't block analytics directly, but EasyList has a sibling called EasyPrivacy, which does, so you just have to add it.
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