This sounds a lot like devrant:


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    Maybe, BUT it isn't DevRant....
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    240 characters to “vent” with, this is just unacceptable, how am I suppose to write a vent about venting with nothing more then 240 characters. It’s like twitter for angry folk.. wait isn’t that what Twitter is anyway 🤦‍♂️ skrew it atleast that could have hit a niche audience then be a all in one angry twitter community.

    Ps: I can’t “vent” this rant 😂
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    240 limit makes it sound so 8bit. :-)

    I remember 8bit days limited you to 80 characters on some systems..
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    As others said, TOTAL’Y UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! Staying with devrant!!!!!
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    Maybe @dfox can acquire them?
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