Fire all incompetent teachers and update all the reading materials

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    So fire more than 99,4% of (all) the teachers (in all possible subjects)?
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    My college will have no one left to teach then xD
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    @Gatgeagent yes
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    YES! YES! YES!
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    It is not the teachers' fault. In my country, where I was born, school books must be approved by Ministry of Education.
    The Ministry decides the people who are going to write the books for specfic subject (Ex Information Technology), then the books are distributed in schools.
    The teacher, just teaches what the book contains.
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    So my school basicly needs to replace 60% of their workforce?
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    @pollardld @aldoblack Most incompetent teachers are either incompetent because of:
    a) they are ignorant
    b) they are not really interested in what they're teaching
    c) They're not making an effort to go from incompetent to competent

    Of course there can be limitations of what material you can teach, bit if you read my rant again, it also says to update all reading materials, which includes books.

    So you're telling me these teachers can't take responsibility of their own competence?
    I bet you'd also argue that it's your employer's fault if you're not staying up to date and competent as a developer lol.
    Fuck yes it's their own fault. One can be competent no matter what material you're teaching.
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