Get projects from companies and let students compete to complete those projects ,
Projects could be basic , but the students would get a good chance to see what is being done in real projects what tech is used.

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    I used to think so in college as well. But when I started working for companies, I saw that most don't even have time to properly teach their own staff, much less go out in colleges and build the next tech graduates

    I'm very interested in a case study of a company who did that if you know of any!
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    @whiteSparrow I’ve had a company do so in my college, can’t state the name due to NDA
    They didn’t teach us, they just gave us the languages they needed, a day or 2 training on how to do that and stuff
    We had to learn on our own, a code review every week or two
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    @mac-aga what kind of projects were they? Was it something that the company would be using in product?
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    This is a really good idea, much better than the useless classes they force students take
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    We actually have a course like this in our 2:nd year. Around 50 companies come and pitch their ideas and then around 15 groups get to choose one they want to work with. And it's ranging from companies like Twitch, EA games and SAAB.
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    I think to this to work correctly you need someone to guide the students with feedback and some tech knowledge all the way til the end. Sadly, or at least on what I saw in college, this doesn’t happen, because the people needed to do the job doesn’t have the time ( they work too ) and don’t really care if the students get any useful experience, they just focus on finishing the project, one way or another.
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    We do have the same thing in our first year. But mainly the “companies” are from the school. Other teachers needing some programme or application but I think it’s great first experience. :)
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