Some of these things have been probably mentioned already in some way, but I'd like to add my two cents nevertheless
I grew up in Germany and have been in the German school system for my whole "school career" and what I always missed was a computer/programming related subject. (A real one, not this thing where they teach how to use MS Office) Something that would have pushed me a bit more into this world of technology and programming way earlier, because I didn't know which possibilities I had. It doesn't happen often that I think that something is better in Slovakia but I have to say that in Slovakia they are teaching CS in standard schools from the age of 11or 12 I think. I don't exactly know what they teach there, maybe it's shit, but it's something at least. I know that most people swear on teaching themselves programming and all but there are people like me who struggle with that.
Then of course I'd like to see the teaching get better. They should teach the useful stuff and focus on practical experience.

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    I'm from Slovakia. At primary school we did MS Office and a bit of theory - for example what an OS is (first time I heard about Linux). And also a bit of Imagine, Baltík and simmilar graphical programming stuff. But mostly we did nothing and played computer games. 😁

    I'm going to a gymnasium now, on mandatory IT we do MS Office and did a bit of C. (the teacher didn't know anything about programming, he couldn't even ident code, or even connect projector to a laptop).

    We also have IT seminar (optional subject) where we are learning basic C, but with weird emphasis on MS Windows specific code and BGI graphics.

    Regarding High Schools: Czech schools are viewed as better and a lot of Slovak students study there.

    I'm 17 btw
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    @underscores the problems are unqualified teachers I guess, not many people go into teaching and yeah everyone goes to Czech Republic or somewhere else, I never considered studying in Ba
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    Slovak here. At elementary school we have been taught MS office, nothing more. I went to high school of arts, graphic design, they taught us the basics of html/css and of course dreamweaver, nothing else. Then I went to collague as digital designer. They taught us html, css, js, jquery, php and mysql. All in one year. Most of the people did not understood because well.. it was designer school not a programming one. But all passed the tests in the end somehow.
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    Keď sa tu našli ďalší zo Slovenska a Česka, dávnejšie sa spravil discord server kde sa v... nah.. tu je link ^^

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