I’m not an Apple fan boy but I do use their products and respect their business ethos.

I was please when I saw this as part of my software update today.

Before the haters start hating, if you use a google device or use Facebook then you already don’t have a leg to stand on.

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    I heard about US government sue Huaiwei for similar things. Without reject button, Is this legal?!🤐
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    @sunfishcc I don’t understand. What would you reject? They are just stating that they value your privacy and telling you what they do to keep your data private.
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    @SSDD Reject means I do not want to enable the certain feature which may share my private information at some stage on my device. I own my phone, so I like to keep using it. Eg, on Android pixel, it gives you the option to install an app but refuse to open the camera for the app.
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    >business ethos
    and you literally lost me there mate, sorry but I cant take it seriously if you seriously dont know how ultra cunty/shitty they are for the progress of alot technology worldwide and no, Im not touching the part of being ultra expensive for what they actually sell you and other stuff, You should check Louis Rossmann Channel if you think they are fucking "ethical"
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    @sunfishcc yeah you can. On iOS the first time a device asks for private info then you need to authorise it.

    I think this update means that now every time AFTER you’ve authorised it you’ll get an icon to remind you it’s happening.
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    @sunfishcc although I think thinking about privacy when you own a google device is kidding yourself on.
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    @legionfrontier sorry can you point me to where I said I thought they were “ethical”?

    I used the word “ethos” which refers more to their way of operating. I appreciate that they keep their platform closed.

    I appreciate that they charge me money rather than give me shit for free and then harvest my data for profit.

    I appreciate that they strive to keep a super tight integration between all of their platforms.

    I don’t think ANY large corporations are “ethical”. Shit even oxfam has just been exposed for being evil, shitty, exploitative cunts.
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    @SSDD I don't believe privacy is a thing in 2018. But I also don't like the company pretend they value your privacy, but in fact take whatever they want no matter what.
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    @sunfishcc it’s my belief that Apple don’t do that. That’s my point. Some of the very very private stuff is done on device and never leaves the device. I value that.
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    @SSDD maybe, but Apple is kind company that reduce clockspeed on older products without noticing users until someone actually find out.
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    Apple is amazing at creating perception.
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    @sunfishcc I would argue that they were doing that for a good enough reason. The problem is we live in an era of the outrage brigade who can make any issue a global crisis thanks to their constant bitching and whining on social media.

    If only these cunts would turn their “influencer” powers to things that *actually* matter like homelessness and child poverty.
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    @SSDD Are you working for Apple?
    I haven't use any later iPhone after 4. But since windows can't install safari and xcode, i have to buy a refurbished macbook pro for work.
    Many people work so hard but earn so lil, not because they're stupid, because they don't have another choice. Not everyone can afford stay at home n prepare several months for a Google interview.
    At least for my own device, I like to see a choice rather than forced to do something against my will.
    Don't give money to homeless people btw.
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    @sunfishcc yeah. a lot of homeless people are not actually homeless but belong to beggar "gangs" where they are forced to beg for their boss. so i would recommend giving food instead.
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    @romangraef this reminds me Gucci gang from lil pump 😎
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