CS Teacher today:
"Transport Layer provides Security and Encryption to the communication" (TCP/IP stack)

me: WTF? Encryption is provided on the *top* of the transport layer (aka Application) ( and below [Network Layer] there is IPsec)

Teacher: no, it's wrong.

me: so Wikipedia it's wrong, RFC 5246 is wrong, and you have right?

Teacher: Yes.

me: Ok. (aka fuck you!)

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    @vlatkozelka i hope that will happen the same thing (but it won't, i know...) anyway the argument IS NOT over. if there will be new relevant episodes i will rant again.
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    @vlatkozelka yeah i know, you have right. but i always had the highest score in CS and now i should accept the minimum because he's an idiot?

    no i will not.
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