*client calls*
"hello, we forgot the password to our WiFi router. Could you reset that for us?"


"We host websites and servers sir, we don't control your router :)"

"Right, i thought so, nevermind!"

Well, that's a new one O.o

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    'But you do computerstuff, right?'
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    @ThatDude Congrats on 10K!
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    @AlexDeLarge At least he admitted right away that it was a stupid question!
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    @AlexDeLarge Damn timing! Hey, at least you're less lonely now that I'm also in my 50's :P
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    All of you are just adorable :)
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    @plusgut How are we adorable? 😅
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    @linuxxx that you are doing the same thing and being happy about it
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    @AlexDeLarge Awh thanks 😊
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    Google router default password, as for public facing IP and try default password... then it’s under your control.

    Oh shit no... no... your way is better, trying to get some fucker to work out their IP would be a fucking nightmare.
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    I am concerned. That sums up my thoughts about your client.
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    I get this a lot too. I always tell them they have to call their ISP because I have no idea what their router passphrase is.
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    They're becoming sentients!
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    bad company! You guys need to host routers too -.- :p
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    *le hack their entire systems
    *le retrive their passwords

    "Here you go sir, your passwords. If you like we can provide with other personal data we retrieved from your computers. Including how many times a day each of you visits pornhub.... No? Okay sir. Its been a pleasure working with you

    *le " Best Customer Service" award
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    Meanwhile telcos actually do have access to your router and can see all devices on your home network. That is if you're using a router from them, which many people are
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    Send the client a cake
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    CSR- Your previous two passwords that you remember sir?
    CLIENT - Xxxxxxxxxxx

    CSR- thanks and cuts the call.
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    Omg that probably would have made my day, or week even. I would have been laughing for hours! And then would have used it to simply look back on and laugh when shittier stuff happened later in the week! So great!!
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    Have you tried turning it o...ah never mind.
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    @Torbuntu was probably some time in the morning before his mind is ready to process crap like that
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    "Yes sir, we've reset the login credentials on your router. You should now be able to log in with the following,
    username: admin
    password: password"
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    I had a client call since he had added a link to our website on his blackberry home screen. BB had a bug that wouldn't let users delete these shortcuts. So he called us, the website owners asking us to assist him to "uninstall the app"...

    I actually ended up helping him though. Poor fella.
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