In database course we should be thaught "database", not "MySQL"

In object-oriented programming course we should be thaught "object-oriented programming", not "Java"

And so on and so forth

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    So rather than focusing one most popular language that are known by the subject of course, they should focus more on the concepts and comparing different implementations and so on.

    For me who have never been and won't most likely be on a CS course. Studying theory rather than practical programming on a class sound more useful and the way it should be.
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    Then you end up with lots of "knowledge" but 0 experience on how to even write polymorphism or attach bundles. You won't even know where to start.
    If they teaching you mysql you're lucky, it was SQL query in PowerPoint for me...
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    @matt961 mysql is dead and oracle is the most used DB in business?
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    @sSam MySQL is FAR from dead.
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    Still, I think the best way to teach is with example. And what better way than teaching the most popular languages.
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    @datawraith maybe dead is a bit far fetched, but I haven't seen anyone choose MySQL for a new project, except for people who know only MySQL. Usually people go with postgres for personal/smaller projects, oracle for business/big projects and sqlite for light, clientside DB.
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    @sSam Do you come out much? 😂 MySQL is still widely used in many companies. Both big and small
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    @ChuckNorris Sure, but then it becomes wrong when the focus shifts to the "examples"
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