1. No paper-pen exams asking defination of OOPs.
2. Introduction of VCS (e.g. GitHub, SVN, etc.)
3. Introduction of new programmimg languages in the curriculum.(Pls stop with C/C++...there are 1000s of tutorial for that)
4. Give access to licensed software. (Especially in India we were forced to use cracked softwares).

There is a lot to change. But i think mentioned all the important stuff.

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    Good rant

    Or use freeware, our school uses like 99% free programs
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    3. Won't work at all. Thats like telling a baby to run instead of learning to stand before.

    A tutorial won't tell you anything about allocation and stuff..
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    1. Agreed
    2. GitHub is not VCS but hosted server for Git, which if VCS (couldn't help myself.. Lol)
    3. OOP is good for soul (but not for anything else..lol. Only partially kidding)
    4. Use freeware, I use no licensed software for coding!

    Good rant, keep it up!!
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