I knew someone that typed with only 2 fingers ( index fingers )

There were no comments in the code because, it would take ages to write a sentence.

I don't know how someone that was born with a laptop in her lap doesn't know how to use all the fingers to type.

But, for her this was just a job. No personal projects, no will to learn new things. Just do the work they give her, as slowly as possible.

I remember I forced myself to learn how to type using all fingers when I was little. Now I even rebind the movement keys on games because is more comfortable to use "the right keys" ( I hate wasd, esdf ftw!)

How about you, do you know anyone that-s bad at typing?

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    I remember at college I was only one of two people who could touch type.

    With the amount of homework we all got, I worked out that the non-typists on average spent more than an hour every day working than us touch typists.

    When I was elected student representative, I managed to arrange for the staff to work free an hour every day to help teach everyone to touch type.

    When I told they students, they was happy at first, until I pointed out they would need to come in an hour earlier every day for their lessons. :-)
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    I can't type properly, but I can still hit 50 wpm... This made me feel better about not being able to properly type.
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    Got my own 10 fingers system. Probably share it with a lot of gamers though, because my default position is zqsd (azerty equivalent of wasd). Definitely not as efficient as the actual 10 fingers system, but I can still touch type when needed.

    Recently, the French government has been thinking of changing the French keyboard standard (with bépo as a major option), and I pray they don't because it sucks even more than the standard French layout for programming (see my previous rant on PC vs Mac keyboard layouts in France)...
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    I never ended up typing with the proper 10 finger way. Instead I use the 7-finger method :)
    I don't have good coordination on my ring and pinky fingers, and I hate forcing them to move sideways.

    But anyway, I'm among the fastest typists of all the people I know, that use the 10 finger system. There are a couple of guys who are faster, but at that speed it really doesn't matter since it doesn't hinder any developments, or writing stuff, or anything.
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    This is how my programming teacher types. It hurts to look at ;_;
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    I once had a engineering teacher with extra long nails (about 1 inch long /3cm, manicured and very ugly if you ask me) : she had to type with a F*cking pencil on the keys because of this! So sloooooow and irritating!
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    That too.

    It looks so uncomfortable to type with long nails.
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    I type with 10 fingers, but I definitely don’t type the “right way”. I kinda just use whatever finger is closest from pressing the last key to type, which means I can end up hitting four keys with the same finger. WASD for the win.
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    @GMR516 I'm kinda similar to that. Except I sometimes only use 8 fingers.

    Speed isn't a huge issue while coding for me since I'm still learning. However, when it comes to typing a paper or something of the sorts, I'm able to fly through at a sleep much higher than what I can hit when typing properly.
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    It's called Chicken Pecking. My mother used to make fun of my father for doing this.
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    I think(???) type mostly with my index fingers, but I still type pretty fast...
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    I type with only two fingers and the occasional help of two others and my thumbs.

    So basically 5 fingers out of 10
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