We should start with demystifying tech...
For most people, modern phones, tablets and pcs are magical rectangles...
The law of Clarke says, that every sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
And we have to tackle that.
In geography, we should talk about gps and glosnas
In English or foreign language lessons, we should speak about translator bots and language patters/abstractions
In physics, we have to understand the measurement devices
In politics, we have to speak about licenses of use, we have to speak about netneutrality as a political concept, we have to speak about snowden, shadow brokers, the vault, all the laws some shady imperial beauroticians pipe into our life.
Trojans used by the government and so on...
In cs concepts of operating systems, abstractions and networking should be taught, instead of using excel.
That could be done in math...
Well... No one should have to work with excel.
In maths they could use Wolfram alpha, rlang and gnupolt for example

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    Most people don't care and they don't have to. If someone is interested in understanding how things work, he/she can research it on their own. School is for fundamentals. Use cases could be mentioned for the folks who are curious and would like to do independent research.
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    Yet we had to learn the molecular mass of hydrogen... How is this fundamental?

    Have you seen idiocracy?
    At one point in time we will be ruled by our benevolent ai driven selflearning overlords and all the humans, who even begin to understand, that they are manmade, have been died out long time ago...
    We just accept the heavenly fate, that's what I am afraid of.
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    Upvote for not working w/ excel.

    Your rant reminds my of "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance"
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    I don't know the Zen of repairing a motorcycle...
    Is it worth reading?
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    @devnope I thought so, but I don't read many books. My dad has a list of 10 books he thinks I should read, this one was on it. My dad reads ALOT of books, so for what its worth
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    You may like the phoenix project. I devoured it in like 2 days
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    I agree with the demystifying in the sense that there should be a connection with practical concepts. E.g. don't just teach math, show what it's used for along with it. It's no wonder kids don't like math when they feel it's utterly useless to them.
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    Not everyone is interested in these stuff. You can't force a theoretical reseacher to study gps or some IT stuff that don't relate to his work
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    I am thinking of regular school...
    My whole point is, that most of school hasn't changed over the last decades... At least not to the better...

    I heard, that primary school kids in Sweden use Minecraft to learn creative work, combinatory abilities, 3D imagination, abstraction, exploring unknown environments find playful solutions...
    Maybe someone is here to verify or falsify this description...
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    People don't even learn how to pay their taxes, basics of personal finance or how does the government work and you expect them to learn this? Every professional and hobbyist will say the same about what they like, but is very hard to determine what should be the highest priority and force it on people.
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    I learnt about the workings of my home country and the EU...
    Taxation is made so weird, so nobody understand s it
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    @devnope in my country (Belgium) it's almost impossible to understand it. As a regular citizen I mean. Companies have lawyers to deal with that mess (and obviously to find ways to maximize profit). I think there are about 6000 pages added to the law each year. As a citizen you're supposed to know that law. Right...
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    In Germany we had at least the Grundgesetz/Constitution...
    We were told basic stuff about the other books of law
    Basics of lawmaking

    Sure more would have been nice...
    And taxation is a topic on its own
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    R for maths is a stupid idea.
    It's a statistics language and sucks at maths.
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