Coworker: "Hey, I have an idea. I think it will be much better if, one month before launch, we pivot this project from using 2D animation to using 3D Animation with Motion Capture! It will save us so much time!"

Me: I'd be happy to look into it for you, but those technologies are very labour intensive and we don't currently employ anyone who has any experience in those technologies. However, I absolutely agree and I believe we could look at this in 1-2 years after the prototype of the application is completed.

Coworker: I'm more optimistic than you.

Actual conversation. Coworker made an animation once in college, which is the entire basis of their argument.

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    Unfortunately, optimism does not pay your bills.
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    Haha agreed. They tried to bring in an 'outside expert' to try to over rule me, however the expert quickly agreed with my conclusion.
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