Teach an actual coding language like C# or C++ instead of Scratch and Java. If you’re going to learn a language, learn a good one.

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    Dude Java is a real language.
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    @ThaOneDude you’re right, my bad. XD
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    @GMR516 is probably trying to say that learning mid-level programming language teaches you much more about lower level stuff like memory management, which is good to know although you might now be dealing with it daily basis.
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    @joas Correct.
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    I think scratch has it's place (and I don't mean to offend anyone) and that's probably with primary school kids rather than older CS students.

    my son grasped it and got into it very quickly due to the visual drag drop nature. I can't imagine having the same success with C#.
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    C# and Java are almost identical...
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    yeah in college they teach Visual basic like who the actual fuck uses that.
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    @Kryptic0 I actually do! Legacy support/maintenance for business applications. It's not so bad once you get used to it (if you're reasonably knowledgeable of the .NET framework). It's not always interesting but it's around.
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    @JASE (: 💀
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