Networking guys:

Any advice for the CCNA exam? I've been through the cisco online courses and use them for reference. I know Todd Lammle's guides are pretty good too. Any extra texts/resources I should take a look at?

I feel my weak points are:
IPv6, NAT, ACL's, and Class A/B subnetting.

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    Best way is to configure things and see what happens, you could check out mininet and run multiple instances of Quagga?
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    While the exam has probably changed since I took it, here's what I remember it focusing more heavily on:

    OSI Stack
    Router configuration
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    @milkybarkid Mininet looks pretty lightweight and usable, and being able to deploy working setups on actual hardware is definitely a plus. Not too sure about Quagga but I'll definitely check both out, thanks for the recommendations.
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    @Root How long ago did you take it? I can't imagine the basics have changed much at all, but I'm wondering if they've introduced anything new in recent years.
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    @Pharilax 12+ years ago
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