How cool is FreeCodeCamp!!

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    Gonna check this out when I get home. I’ll love you forever if the tunes are nice.
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    I spent a good 10 hours into FreeCodeCamp. I can say that if you have 0 experience. It's a solid boot camp. If you have experience, then it can get a bit repetitive. Solid Boot camp though.
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    @GMR516 I've been using it for 2ish days now and it's a mixed bag. I don't mind. It's really nice not to worry about playing music and there are some fresh tunes too. So all in all a decent enough experience.
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    Yeah it's great, especially for being free. Agree with poster who said it can get repetitive. Personally, I rep codeschool, but you have to pay for that. I think it's well worth it though. Free code camp would be the best alternative imo.
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    around the campfire you're safe for wild syntax errors
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    @ard1998 a wild SYNTAX ERROR appeared!
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    i'm not counting syntax errors in campfire stories.
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    "Wild syntax error appeared"
    What'll you do:
    > console.log() >blame others
    > Switch off comp >stackoverflow

    (Pokemon style debugging would be the best)
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    @badwolf it's not very effective...
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    Those bracket birds tho.
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    Yeah but why is this a rant?
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