LUA is used in Starbound, WoW, in Half Life mods...
I learn Lua making mods for Starbound.
It's useful but nobody likes it :´v

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    Lua really is useful!
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    Most scriptable programs allow for lua scripting.
    I hate it with a passion but then again most of my github is lua. (I make modules for tes3mp, serverside scripting is lua)
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    @rootshell How to hate a programming language but use it like a pro? xD
    I would like to learn more about Lua and apply those knowledge to make a game.(for example)
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    @MarkMed Err... making tes3mp server modules is an hobby of mine.
    I'll never ever claim to be good at lua. I'll also hate it until tables start with 0.
    const tes3mp = 'The Elder Scrolls 3(morrowind) multiplayer';
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    @rootshell Yes, I already knew about tes3mp, I read some info.
    But, if u can program modules for a server in Lua then you are good in Lua. Perhaps you are not a master, but you know some things. Right?
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    @MarkMed Well to be fair lua was developed so the "common man" could code. Still I am not great but I do like adding functionality with it. Currently making a guild system for 0.7 (whenever they release it): https://github.com/1338/...

    Keep in mind that it's not up to date. I was waiting for some more packet handles to be added to tes3mp before continuing to develop.
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