It's always fun to get contacted by someone who doesn't code and they want you to code an entire startup for them...

The fun part... Is they will pay you later when it generates money

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    Dude, I've got this great idea....
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    Hey, I know you heard this countless times already but...
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    More fun not to pay yourself when you have great ideas. :-)

    Oh wait, maybe that isn't so much fun !

    I often think, ideas are ten a penny, but how come I never see anyone else with the exact same ideas as me..
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    It's like something that alreayy exists and is popular, but witha little change
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    "Yeah so it's gonna be like Facebook, but with..."


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    It's like Uber but for French fries 🍟
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    @raed667 It's like the github of plumbers
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    "Im really good at being innovative and having good ideas.. All I need is someone to actually do all the work for the ideas that I haven't clearly thought through"
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    > It's like something that alreayy exists

    Doesn't that describe about 99% of stuff that is successful. :-)

    Look at Ebay, based on ...

    So, who can tell me what Ebay was based on. :-)
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    > it's gonna be like Facebook

    Facebook is nearly all the things you shouldn't do..

    Yet I use it because its the best tool out there !

    Like I use a hammer to put in screws, because I don't have a screwdriver..
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    @Nanos what's a screwdriver? My screwhammer works just fine
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    A screwdriver is like a rotating hammer, but without the repeated strikes of pressure, the pressure is instead applied evenly all the time whilst rotating the screw.
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    @Nanos wow that's dumb I mean for starters humans don't have hands that can rotate infinitely about their axis so you'd have to reset your hand about every turn. Quite inefficient.
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    The idea did evolve over time, now we have spiral Ratchet Screwdrivers that you push down on, rather than rotate yourself.

    > Spiral Screw Driver Hand Pressing
    > Ratchet Screwdriver with Slotted
    > PH Screwdriver Bits
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