This is when writing a script that sets up your dev environment pays off...

Having 6 new employees join our startup. The script installs pretty much all dev tools and apps as well as sets up the device management profiles. 😎

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    ... We get the new guys to set most stuff up themselves so they actually know what's there...

    Also are you using a laptop as your main work device? Is that not really ergonomically unfriendly?

    Plus mac, they have no choice?
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    @alwaysmpe worst part of the onboarding process is getting a list of links that you have to wait through to download... it takes hours and isn't really valuable. We have all of the tools we install in a readme, so if they are curious they can look into it. They just don't have to wait around while all of them download.
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    vagrant up!
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    Dude I couldn't work at your startup, Mac, really?
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    @jpichardo what is your setup?
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    @mr-icarus laptop with Fedora and server with Ubuntu
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    This is what I'm trying to implement at my job! I'm CONSTANTLY setting up computers!
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    Really though, who prefers a laptop to a desktop if you're going to be at a desk all day? And why macs?
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    @penguin macs are the preferred device for developers at our company. Laptops are always better because you can use them at home, a coffee shop, wherever... Docks are always available if needed.
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    @donoskaro amen!
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    @donoskaro I don't hate Mac, I just don't like it because I feel it is a little too restrictive, I do hate apple because they sell "Innovation" and sometimes their producsts cost more just because of the white apple
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    I used different brands of pc/laptops.

    I have to say that MacBook Pro is great, the backlight, MagSafe, Retina display (2015 model)
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    That's an awesome setup you've got there.
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    @jpichardo just out of curiosity. What do you find restrictive?
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    @Sauruz how about the soundmixer? Very restrictive (there is none) also you cant Customize the ui colors (ok we can choose if Buttons are grey or blue...) just to name 2
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    @Salmakis I like that it has limited customization options... I always found myself tweaking Linux all the time because the temptation was there. So I feel like I'm more productive on a Mac lol
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    @Sauruz well to me it seems that Mac has been build for non super user use, besides I think it is crafted strictly for certain tasks and it is hard to modify the underlying os to adapt it to ur necessities, might be that I don't know it that well
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    @santartine the script is probably hardcoded to his needs, meaning you'd be better writing your own.
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    try Chef or Puppet for the same
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    @santartine You should check out Ansible
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    @jpichardo We also use Macs at our place and the developers always have choices. They can choose between mac, linux or windows and also between desktop and laptops.
    Most of them chose Macbook Pros, the designers choose MacBook Air. We encourage people to choose laptops, so that they don't have to sit on their desks to work. They can choose any place in our large office and work from there. And of course they will also be able to work from home, if required.
    People choose laptops, so that they can sit in a specific cabin, which is always warm, when the complete office feels like Arctic.
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    @creator well, I guess everybody has it's preferences.
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    For now macbooks past 2015 are crap :D
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    Where I'm going to start working in about 5 weeks, they all use laptops.

    With a docking station, at least 1 monitor and with a keyboard and mouse. This way, it's comfortable to use it on the desk and can be taken somewhere else if needed.
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    Who are you and how do i get you to be my coworker
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    @conde-nasty sorry but you are too nasty for us
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