I come from a fuck-all university called Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU for short) and the syllabus is something from the 90s. Now modern technology 8s taught, old AF practices and useless subjects. Hell, we're not even taught design patterns.

So what would I like to change? The whole frikkin thing. My transition from college to corporate was *BAD* because the expectations were completely different.

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    I am from the same university and i think the subjects that we are taught are pretty standard. The problem i think is that in most vtu colleges, the teachers are not qualified enough to explain the subjects properly.
    That being said, i fully agree with you in case the subject is a programming language because the syllabus hardly contains any intermediate/advance topics. All they teach is branching, looping, "3 pillars of oop", etc.
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    En guru aaraama?
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