When a client insists on using Windows Server+IIS... πŸ˜„πŸ”«

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    Nothing wrong with IIS if it's configured correctly!
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    depends on what you're doing on top of it.
    ive had no problem with Rails, Python, or .NET on IIS ---- PHP though.... makes me want to cry myself to sleep
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    @mattwebdev same here. This project's whole code base is essentially in PHP. It baffles me how something that literally runs fine on an out-of-the-box LAMP or MAMP stack crashes and burns with IIS until you spend hours trying to "configure it correctly".

    Plus, it feels incredibly bloated for what a basic web server actually needs.
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    We use WIMP where I work
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    IIS, acronym "It Is Shit"
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    been using IIS for years and I think it's a great web server. Installing PHP manager helps with the PHP side of things
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    @sandeepb i did IIS for a long time as well, the one thing that always bothered me was the fact that it has a GUI.

    i never learned to 'just trust' that the button was going to do exactly what it says.
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    @mattwebdev I don't trust it because half the time it seems like the "button" actually didn't work.
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