Can a raspberry pi treated as a device which can receive notification fron any wev server ?

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    That question is so vague it qualifies as noob question. A raspberry pi is a computer, as long as it has an internet connection it can connect to a webserver.
    If, by any chance, you were asking if the webserver can connect to your pi, then no. NAT blocks this. To achieve this do some research about port forwarding and dynamic dns.
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    I want to turn or on light using raspberry pi through Arduino. So i want to achieve some sort of features where i can turn off light from anywhere. By the thanks for the suggestions.
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    @bibudha well, hardware wise, that sounds like a Arduino thing. Using GPIO, it's also possible via a Raspberry Pi
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    @bibudha i'm pretty sure you can switch the lightbulb with the pi alone. If not, then figure out a way how to make the pi communicate with the arduino. Then create a webserver on the pi, there are plenty of articles that tell you how it's done. Test it. Once that works implement a port forwarding in your router, test that.
    Congratulations, you know can control your light from everywhere, and so can everyone else. Secure that server.
    In the last step think about using a dynamic dns.
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    Thank you... i ll try that
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