Google Assistant Python SDK has been published ten days ago. Just in time, I've integrated it in AlexaPi, so now everybody can have Alexa AND Google Home running on one Raspberry Pi 😎


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    So now they will be notching about each other (considering Google as allo)
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    assuming you already have a RPi, it costs you about €10 to get an USB mic and an Aux Speaker, so it's worth a shot😊
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    Thank you sir, I should try this :)
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    @MisterArie you're welcome, please check back and tell me your thoughts about it 😊 I don't really have any use for it since Assistant only speaks English by now, I just wanted to see if I can get it done😁
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    So that if one of them fails to send your data to NSA, there's always the other one.
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    Did you leave the keyboard for the Google Assistant so you can send your query
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    This is so cool! Finally I have good use for my pi
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    @UnknownDev nope, works via voice-command
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