Do any of you have like a strict privacy awareness? Like using DuckDuckGo as your search for starters.

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    Also me but others would argue i dont qualify for using windows
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    I’m using DDG, but the amount of information already “out there” on me makes it seem less useful now 😂

    Unless you’re completely new to the internet, have no social media accounts and have never been near or touched a website before, then the privacy tracking is semi useless.

    But to minimise exposure and more companies being able to drill down to a particular person from “anonymous - my ass” data, then sure.
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    @C0D4 im really happy, there is minimal connection between me and my internet persona
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    I stopped using Facebook, avoid Google whenever possible, migrated from gmail to tutanota, ditched Windows in favor of Debian, convinced my girlfriend to switch from win10 to Mint, and we both use Signal. I also use ddg and Firefox on both pc and phone, and have location services disabled unless needed for e.g. directions.

    I want to root my phone, but I'll have to wait for the next one.

    Edit: there's also very little connecting my online persona to my real one. More now that I've been looking for work, though ☹
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    DDG, Linux Mint, ProtonMail, gutted my FB account of almost all content (still need it because of a group or two), Gmail being slowly phased out, Private cloud hosting, deleted my Instagram.

    I'd use Signal more but it's impractical as everyone here uses WhatsApp and I'm not willing to undergo complete isolation just to spite Zuckerberg.

    FB and Instagram were also to curb down on distractions. I only have Mastodon, LinkedIn and devRant.

    Browsing with Firefox using uBlock, NoCoin, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger.
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    DuckDuckGo is just too much of a hassle for me, sometimes its slightly better than google for searching programming related things.

    I use Chrome when I develop and Brave when I am browsing.

    I use Mullvad as my VPN.

    I use Debian and Xubuntu as OS'es (as well as lineageOS for my phone). I am careful when using package managers (whether it be aptitude, npm or something like git)

    I use common sense™ as a anti virus.

    I think my setup is a pretty good balance between privacy and security vs comfort.
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    Oh. I also run most things through a TOR VPN on my phone. It's a little slower, but the ads in random languages always make me giggle.
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    @ArchLinux it’s for coin-hive blocking but no script should usually handle it
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    @ArchLinux NoCoin. Stops all coin mining scripts on websites. Usually uBlock can do the job as well with proper filtering, but I've noticed it kicking into gear every once in a while.

    NoScript I don't use.
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    @Root Wow .. you're cool ..

    BTW I use Signal too but I'm having a hard time convincing others to ditch floating WhatsApp ..

    float fuck;
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    Wonderful comments. I learned a lot here lol
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    @Rakota u use xubuntu? xenial?
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    @Pseudonymous woah I wasn't aware of that. That's fucked up.
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    #define float fuck

    Yeah man .. Facebook is an other floating piece of shit.. !!
    Screw'em all ..
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    @Pseudonymous "... The federal agents then claimed that their court order required me to surrender my company's private encryption keys, and I balked. What they said they needed were customer passwords – which were sent securely – so that they could access the plain-text versions of messages from customers using my company's encrypted storage feature"

    source: https://theguardian.com/commentisfr...

    just wtf
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    @Pseudonymous @fullsnack-dev As far as I'm aware the lavabit founder had the choice between giving up all its users or shutting down. He shut it down.
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    But yeah I'm about the same as @Root with this. I actually block google/fb etc on my pc as well :)
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    @Pseudonymous That's true. I'm glad he chose for his users instead of betraying them!
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