Why would someone hire you to build a website, constantly say that you don’t know business, never give you anything you ask for, berate you for asking questions about what they want the website to be like, “that’s your job”, all while expecting under $500? Because they’re stupid, that’s why. Oh also, they now want an app instead of a website because their generic-ass domain name was taken already. Fffffffffff

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    Leave them, now
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    @uyouthe This is good advice. You don't need that stress.
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    Man I am living in Slovakia, which is like ass of Europe and wages are extremly low here, but website for 500$ would be like one page with no design. I feel you bro
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    @lubwn He's a nightmare. He also wants purchasing built in.
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    @uyouthe Good idea, but I really need the money. ;_;
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    @lubwn heeey, there are a lot of devs from Slovakia on devRant lately, what happened, someone at work/at school found devRant and showed it to you all? :-D

    mimochodom: nazdar z Nitry ^_^
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    €500 for the first consult to listen and discuss their needs and set the requirements and the scope of the project is acceptable but indeed pretty low. I'd say hop to another client, there are enough willing to fork out money for good work.
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