Me every time I have to adjust the css:

*center that div*
*hit refresh*
Fuck, now that button is over there.
*adjust the padding and kajigger with the margin a little*
*hit refresh*
Ah, I'm an idiot. I forgot to set the display to inline-block.
*adjust the display*
*hit refresh*

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    What I do sometimes: I edit the css in chrome for realtime analysis then copy it to my ide
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    @juzles I try to do the same. But I have the habit of adding 5+ changes to a certain element and then forgetting which one actually fixed the problem lol.
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    Chrome dev tools have the ability to work off of local files and save as you make changes, it took me a while before I realized this (it's not necessarily obvious) but makes that whole process a bit easier.
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    You should check out Emmet's Livestyle plugin/extention!
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    Yeah it'll let you map the external css file edits to a local file.... but what if you're using a preprocessor (less/scss/etc) not so much fun then
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    Fair enough, I simply have not gotten into sass/less.. I feel like the area of web programming that is currently CSS is not only inadequate but constantly changing and will be entirely replaced within the next few years, so I feel there's no sense in spending the time to work with one of these abstraction layers.. That said I have worked with someone else's code that used less and I liked a few aspects of it and understand why people go for it..
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    Learn SCSS. Now. Seriously, you're wasting time not knowing it. After you do learn it:

    1) you got more experience under your belt/things to put on a resume

    2) you save a lot of time in developing

    3) Even if things do change (well css preprocessors have been popular for over half a decade... it doesn't look like LESS/SCSS is going anywhere anytime soon!) then atleast you have something to build on. It's easier to learn a new language if you already know 10 than it is if you only know 2
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    I do see your point... but I'm balls deep learning so many other things every day and I know CSS, that is I know CSS enough to get everything I need to get done..
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    Try brackets! You can change something, and have it immediately reflected on the page live
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    @DrEmann about brackets. Does the screen auto-update if you're using webpack?
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