Have you guys heard about blind coding?

I had been to competition, first round was quiz.
That was quite easy, though most of the questions were incomplete and didn't make any sense.

They have provided an app. We use that to check the result.

So first round is over, 1 hour later my friend called me asked whether I'm qualified for the next round . I checked the results and my name wasn't there. I was very disappointed.

I left that place after I saw my result. I got a bus which goes to my place.

After 10 minutes, I got a call from the event head asking why I didn't attend second round 😑. I asked why name wasn't there on the result, for which he replied with "database updatation error".

I got down in the next stop and took a bus again to that place.

I reached there, second round was started, First part was debugging. It was easy, I debugged the given program and got the desired output.
Second part was coding. A guy showed a problem to solve and told me to read it quickly . I did as he told.
He opened Dev C++ and gave me a paper to write the program .

When I was about to start typing, he turned off the monitor and told I should write it on paper first and type the program having monitor turned off. 😨

I wrote and typed the program without seeing.
After 30 minutes a college lecturer came to give marks. He told me to compile the program.

TBH, there were many typing mistakes. As header file spelling was wrong it showed only one error.

Him: Huh, cool only one error, well done. *noted that and walked to a guy next to me*

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    @Pseudonymous he didn't even bother to read or check at least what I have written on the paper. Lol
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    This kind of examination looks like my university evaluation, 😀
    First write the program in paper !
    Get it checked and then type in the comp and execute!!

    What is the use of writing in paper!?????
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    Even we have the same procedure@Nawap
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    With my own keyboard I'd enjoy writing blindly. I do it many times, but not with code. When I'm tired I close my eyes while I type answers into chat. I'm strange.
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    @nawap maybe they judge you on the basis of your hans writting!
    Who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Nawap *every University!
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    I'm with @SoulSkrix: this sounds dumb.
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    I once took one of these , thing that happened was day before the contest I thought I would try a program turning off the monitor I tried in vim on terminal it didn't support auto indentation and I assumed that turbo c also didn't support it, next day in college I wrote an awfully looking indented code .
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    What the absolute fuck.
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    What exactly are they trying to prove.
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    Only one error. You got mad typing skills dude, bro dude. 😁

    These are as crazy as they sound I think. The code isn't the point. Typing is. But blind typing challenge doesn't sound as hot, right?
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