SE != CS

I didn't know this when I started my CS education. The dean of CS undergrad said "we are not here to make programmers" and I was so confused, but now I get it. CS is about the fancy theory and the boring Turing machines and what not. I don't want to do that! I want to write something impressive and awesome and cool-looking!

I wish they would have told me the difference.

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    CS is what will allow you to write awesome programs
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    Well maybe they don't teach properly to build software, but as I've seen in my whole course at university, CS will allow you to go beyond the software with a lot of math/theoretical thinking. If you learn that stuff there, and software programming by yourself, you will able to do very cool stuff.
    (I am Not saying that an engineer couldn't do that, but that's what we're studying for)

    I said all this thinking about my university and experience. If I'm wrong, please correct me.
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    @dmonkey It's mostly a grip about my specific CS program. Most of the people there are in it to do SE, but the university doesn't recognize that. So things like good code, version control, and popular tools are hardly mentioned.
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    @cvmc For every little thing of the cs and se programs ask yourself "Could I study it by myself? If so, how difficult or easy would it be?"

    If you already did it, then you should change course... But "choose very wisely" (guess the quote)
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    CS should be about making you an SE. There is no other practical purpose of it.
    It's like Med school saying that we're not making doctors here, we're only teaching the science of phsyiology.
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    I didn't know this when I begun my CS raining program. Try https://essayhunters.com/masterpape... for them. The Dean of CS undergrad said "we're not here to do the programmers" and I was confused, but now I agree. CS is about fascinating and boring Turing machines and it is not. I don't want to I want to write something exciting and awesome and cool-looking!
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