Some days you write your code and it all goes well.

All your tests pass, you write clean code, you solve your problems nicely.

Other days everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

...the latter was the case for me today.

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    The latter is always true for me 😂 I'm stuck right now on updating a record in my db using PHP, but its not working at all even though everything seems to be fine 😑🔫

    One of those good days will come around again soon. Hopefully 😂
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    @thechez99 Cool! I'm working on a React web app with a Kotlin backend and today I was tasked with writing end-to-end tests.

    It ended up being a right pain in the butt to get it going haha
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    You need to get rid of Murphy.
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    As long as it doesn't bomb in production, everything's fine (:
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