Damn github is da shit.
I'm sure all of those people who ranted about committing their passwords and keys will be happy
PS. I don't know if this is new but I'm happy either way :D

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    Does it instantly reject the commit or only warn?

    edit: oh its not the thing that github announced but an external service? that means it doesnt really help as until you see that mail, it probably got already abused
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    @JoshBent warn only I guess :P
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    I like that. At least a warning for people who have accidentally pushed sensitive data
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    iirc GitHub rejects commits containing GitHub API keys and aws API keys
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    Are you sure? I just pushed an apikey like 5 days ago to github(just testing the api)
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    @Vitz nope, not sure
    thought I read it somewhere, but can't seem to find anything now
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