Does anybody else feel like the amount of frustration venting posts is too damn high?

Everybody is bitching about how lame and stupid clients, managers, family members, and essentially all non-devs are.

No wonder we get labelled as difficult to work and communicate with by other areas - or, accordingly, society.

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    Yeah I'm with you. I know this is "devRant", but it feels like every other post I see is "F**K OTHER PEOPLE ARE STUPID"

    It's not impossible (or difficult, for the most part) to rant without blowing up.
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    Rant. It's in the name.

    Technology makes sense, and is usually logical. People are not, thereby making them far more likely to be the source of frustration, and therefore, rants.

    People suck.
    We rant about them.
    Get used to it.
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    @root Yeah, that's the thing - people don't suck, and technology is by it's inherent nature of having been made by a human entirely fallible.

    Blaming the user is the oldest excuse in the book. Devs need to grow out of it.
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    @skqr people absolutely suck.
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    @Root dude - do you even friend?
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