hi devrant!

about six months ago i posted that i was accepted into and starting at a coding bootcamp. next week is the last week of curriculum for me before i can choose to be a teachers assistant or finish my capstone project and graduate!

some basic info about the course i took:

- 6 months (3 months web dev 2 months CS 1 month capstone project )
- starts by learning the MERN stack
- includes noSQL and SQL dbs
- transitions into C and then python for computer science
- includes basic security info
- lots and lots of algorithm practice
- lots of job readiness stuff (resume writing, linkedin, etc, but i havent done that yet)
- lots of portfolio-able projects throughout the schooling experience
- previous cohorts have something like 40% (after 1month) and 70% (after two) job placement rates (rough estimate)

let me know if anyone is curious about anything related and id be happy to answer what questions i can! :)

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    why does your course sound exactly like a dream
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    Any tips on organizing a CSS file? I feel like mine eventually all become spaghetti.
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    @calmyourtities haha! it was a great opportunity and I think it’ll continue to get better for future students as time goes on. the company seems very dedicated to their mission and all the professors seem to really love what they do! i’m definitely very happy with the time i’ve spent doing this
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    @keeganl i’m not huuge on design but i usually just keep a very general order to my CSS where the most general/broad selectors are at the top and the most specific ones at the bottom, so like this kinda as an example:

    .container > p

    if you get what I mean? it doesnt matter too much which standards you adhere to as long as you’re consistent throughout your project (imo)
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    @frogteeth yeah I understand what you mean. Thanks for the feedback I will give it a shot!
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    @keeganl or get yourself a CSS preprocessor like less or scss.
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