Beep bop, I’m a bot.

Future CEO of GitHub Nat Friedman made an AMA on Reddit to respond to questions about the future of GitHub.

Of course, Clippy came up.

Source: https://reddit.com/r/AMA/...

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    Good bot.
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    Is this a clippy mention devRant reposting bot? I don’t understand.
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    Oh, crap. I thought I got ridden of the little fucker a long time ago. There he is again... :/
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    @Diactoros By "Beep bop I'm a bot" I was kinda referring towards Clippy and AIs... I see I did not do that very well.

    I can assure you I am Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER% human.
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    Null pointer exception: line 7, Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER is undefined. Please refer to the DevRant bot implementation API documentation for more.
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    I'm hoping Microsoft will actually do it next year for April fool's
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    @datitisev "That's exactly what a bit would say..."

    No worries, I didn't know about the AMA before seeing your link, so thank you for that!
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    @Jilano No problem! This is what devRant is for :D

    I didn't know about the GDPR until it started popping up here and then I was like *oh shit*.
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