I once brought my Kali Linux laptop to school. (Because normal had dead battery, waiting for shipping)

MFW someone from the IT department is called in to fix teachers projector and he sees I still have the default dragon wallpaper on it.
MFW when recognises it it's Kali.
MFW he calls the police and my laptop gets taken away because 'its dangerous' and I get questioned in school.

The police came back a week later to check my laptop again. 'uhh we gotta check the logs'.


Also, wuddup devrant!

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    Nice one. And MFW is a fucking idiot and should die.
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    He fixed the projector, then while walking was eyeing me. Didn't say anything. Few hours later, well you know the rest.

    Glad to say I'm out of there now.
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    @IllSlapU Shit. I've made a fool of myself. Sorry for that :)
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    @Agred I also thought it was the name of some person or an abbreviated abuse
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    That guy was totally right, i mean every black hat will focus on hacking instead of 5s changing the wallpaper that gives away his evil intentions
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    You got me.
    I was HTML deep into their SQL server washing machine to print more RAM allowing me to reveal the establishments dark secrets.

    I'm at an airport I got nothing better to do.
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    @PieInOblivion shodan is your friend
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    I'm pretty sure you could sue right now.
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    @kgbemployee but would it be worth it?
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    OMG. You typed something on the command line. You're a criminal hacker!

    You actually understand computers. You're dangerous!

    You have an interest in privacy and encryption. You need to be arrested!

    Ignorance breeds fear, and it's everywhere.
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    @YouAreAPIRate depends of wether you want to send a message or not.
    I don't really know the legal context in your country so i couldn't say.
    Another aproach would be a formal complaint against the school and police for harrasment, which clearly it was.
    Then again, if you got your stuff back, you can leave it at that.
    Just saying that it was an option...
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    I'm not to sure but by my understanding it sits in a weird grey area. The school suspected something suspicious and called the authorities which I understand. (Although I believe a proper IT department would have dealt with it themselves) None the less the police launched a proper investigation; I guess thats whats its called, it was my stuff taken then later returned and once check again after.

    I believe that if the threat was real then what they did was correct. But everyone on here knows better, the threat was not real, and now we laugh at them.
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