Start to read the book from Jaron Lanier "Who owns the Future". And suddenly realize that the company which offering us "free services" is trying to build a superior model of machine learning and read all of our behaviour.

Thus, i start to logout my facebook, twitter, instagram and all of my social media. But, i'm not the lucky one who could fight this "selling data practices", because I still use devices with "Android OS". My privacy stolen & sold is inevitable. What a Digital Life!

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    That's the world we live in.
    And it's only going to get scarier.
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    @Root just wondering how could we freed from the tracking things on every app. Even searching with duckduckgo & browsing with mozilla, i couldn't trust 100% about the security feature that were given
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    @byanjati summoning our other privacyphiles @linuxxx and @FrodoSwaggins 😊
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    Gimme some guidance and your light, master of privacy.
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    @Root @byanjati Hey I own an android device. I block everything Google through a root firewall. It's really easy to protect yourself!
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    Am I the only one that doesn't care that much? I mean it sucks that they're profiting off my data but it doesn't bother me as much as others on here
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    @spoiledgoods Any information can and will be used against you at some point.
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    @rootshell @spoiledgoods is there any articles / arguments that could makes us aware about our data privacy ? cuz, I think it is hard to convince our peers that data privacy is matter & the "Siren Server" that mentioned by Jaron Lanier is a thing that we should give a bit consideration
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    @linuxxx i will search the way to guard my android with those firewall on "Google". lol, nope, i'm using duck-duck go since 1 month ago.

    But, I still wondering how they could claim their search is not using our data as their wealth.. any arguments about the service that claiming they were secure or free from tracking (like mozilla do)
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    @byanjati Here are a few I tend to use:
    - Any data online or offline can be used against you.
    - Privacy is a right, not a privilege.
    - May the one who doesn't have any secrets step forward now.
    - So you don't want any privacy? I'm sure you don't use locks or blinds for the window at home. There is no security without privacy.
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    ALL HAIL!!!
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    "Free services"
    Well... let's just say that you don't pay with money...
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    @SpaceBearOne shit just got real
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    @rootshell we don't live in a movie. If somebody knew I was into anime six years ago I don't give a shit.
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    @spoiledgoods How much do you earn?
    How much do you pay for rent?
    What are your fetishes?
    What are things that would make me not hire you?
    How many tickets do you have on your name?
    Did you cheat your exams?
    Did you ever cheat on your SO?

    If you can't answer these to me, I think you might have some other people you might not want to know.

    No we do not live in movies but if you are on here I atleast expect you to acknowledge two things:
    - data is usefull for lot's of things
    - there are data mining companies who make money (facebook, google, amazon, microsoft, etc)

    In most western countries you have the right to privacy, for now.
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    @rootshell 40000, 500, dat ass, I sometimes get high, none, no, no
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    @spoiledgoods You missed the point. Entirely.
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    @irene Yeah. Cause that's what I ment. Exactly. 😅😂
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    @spoiledgoods no you are infact in the majority.
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    @rootshell you have a right to privacy from the Government, there is nothing in the law regarding privately owned companies, at least in the United States.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace Yeah, see. The thing is like this:
    Government > Companies > Citizen

    This is the power dynamic. The government can at any time demand access to files from companies in a lot of cases even without consent or knowledge of the citizens.
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    @rootshell actually the power dynamic is more like:

    Government > (Citizens = Companies)

    Since both companies and citizens have the same rights given to them by the Government.
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