I work in a company where I'm the only developer, with everyone being designers or marketing or sales. Typically like the scene from Silicon Valley.

Moto was to create a ticket selling website for their products, and make sure they worked as well. It was all fine, until deadlines were discussed. They wanted it done within 2 weeks, the entire backend dashboard, API and front end.

I told them it's almost impossible to do it, but they insisted on it. So, I made a minimal dashboard and told them, I haven't completed a few things, such as if you edit data in one place, it won't reflect in other tables. So, be careful while editing the data.

They nodded their head for everything, yesterday was site launch and 2 hours before that one bastard decided to changed the product names to something "catchy" but failed to change the same in other places.

I had used the name as foreign key, so querying other DBs became a fuck all issue, and eventually API stopped giving any response to front end calls.

I got extremely pissed, and shouted at that dude, for fucking everything up. He said, you're the tech guy and you should've taken all this into account.

I sat and hardcoded all the data into database again, made sure site is live. Once it was live, these guys call a company meeting and fire me saying I was incompetent in handling the stressful situation.

At that moment, I lost my shit and blasted each of those people. The designer started crying since her absurd designs(though great) couldn't be realised in CSS that too within 2 weeks time.

One of the worst experience for working for a company. I could've taken the website down, and told them to buzz off if they'd called, I couldn't get myself to do it, hence ranting here.

I seriously feel, all these tech noob HRs need to get a primer course on how to deal with problems of a programmer before they get to hire one, most of these guys don't know what we're trying to tell in itself.

I find devRant to be the only place where I can get someone to understand the issues that I face, hence ranted.

TL;DR: Coded ticket selling site in 2 weeks. 3 hours to launch, data entry dude fucks up. I clean all the mess, get the site online. Get fired as soon as that happens.

Live long and prosper. Peace.

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    Good rant! Welcome, btw 😉
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    I have never been in a commercial job yet,but I'm quite scared of what I'll face in these companies where non tech managers and superiors give stupid deadlines.it seems to be extremely common.and I just don't see how any programmer could do something great within an unrealistic deadline.
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    @Gogeta70 thanks a lot mate. Welcome for? Lol. 😂
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    @zmzmuazzam98 Well, it happens only if you're under people who can't understand tech at all. I joined this startup as a tech consultant, then they offered full time job. I should've known, my bad that I accepted the job.
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    @ibrahmin13 I meant welcome to devRant ☺
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    @Gogeta70 Ah, thanks a lot Gogeta
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    Pretty good story for a first rant.
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    Well 2 Cents... Never us Hardcoded variables as foreign key rather make them Driven by each recoded with a Master Table or any other logic. Change Master Table and rest of the flow follows.
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    @msgsumar Thanks a lot! :)
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    Hmm good rant but... you gotta admit you could have handled that better, like, using a string as a foreign key? Shouting at people in an office? Surely you should have had backups ready to restore in case anyone broke anything. In fairness editing a field on a website causing it to break really does seem like your fault, even if you warned them to be careful. Not that I haven't fucked up similarly in the past and you really shouldn't have been fired over it, but it seems like you might need to find some place with senior developers who can help show you how to keep these people happy.
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    @evaknievel I'm not saying, it's the right way of doing things. I was on a hard deadline, and the designs for front end were too complex, on top on which smallest of things irked the designer. I had to code dashboard, API and front end from scratch. Cut a few corners and paid the price for it. I really should find a better job.
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    With a dealine like that I'd explain how lost they were and if they insisted I'd laughed at their faces and quit.
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    Wuufff!! Seems like I just re-lived my past year. (Still struggling with the same shit though! O.o)
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    @t3b4n I'd have done the same.

    All of that? in two weeks? lol no.

    Going to fire me and find someone else? Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Fire me afterwards? Don't come running back when you broke everything. again. Also, I "lost" the documentation; hope you kept the copy I sent you ~
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    First you could handle it in a better way.
    Second I wonder why you didn't change the database structure for example instead of using strings as a primary key you could use some incremental integers and do the relationship.
    Third you are welcome here and stay positive
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