During my undergrad I had 2 courses which taught how to code in assembly. Nobody, nobody uses it😢

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    I'm glad I learned assembly. I'm able to understand a little bit of Java Machine code
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    People who write compilers use it. People who write APIs use it. People who write bootloaders and kernels use it (a bit). But yeah, that's kind of about it.

    However, it's really useful if you want to understand how C works.
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    @tiberius1900 well thanks. Just out of curiosity why do people who write APIs use it?
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    I'm not talking about x86 assembly when it comes to most APIs. For example, if you were to write an API for a graphics card (or some other peripheral) you'd have to use the assembly language (or the machine language) of that peripheral.
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    @tiberius1900 got it. Was trying to link REST APIs to assembly 😬
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    Learning assembly teaches you to think about what your code will actually be doing, and thereafter helps teach you to optimize both for speed and size.

    It's also definitely helps you understand C.
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    You can also use it recreational. :D
    It can be very relaxing to code on such a low level.
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    It's really good for reverse engineering "probably" malicious software
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    Well at least you know the proper use of the words assembly and assembler :)
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