I recently got into nodejs .. set up a server...
I wanna know if is it worth it to buy a raspberry pi 3 to host my web server.. so i can show my projects to my friends or even clients.
If you have a raspberry pi.. what do you use it for? 🤔

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    1. You can use digital ocean or aws to deploy your server ,Inthis way people from around the world will be able see it.
    2. My pi- I configured it for my 4year old daughter.
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    @rookiemaverick well ... i did the port forwarding from my router to make the server public. But i didn't want to have my pc on 24/7 so that's why i am thinking of buying a raspberry
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    I use mine as git-repository and nextcloud-host. Two things you can't put in the cloud if you dont trust them.
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    @ClearOFf be careful with port-forwardings. My pi gets hundreds of ssh-connections per day so be sure to protect everything you open up to the interner.
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    Its really not worth it exposing your network, you never know what you'll fuck up, just get a cheapo server from scaleway/digitalocean.
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    @ClearOFf perfect as long as you have static public IP handy. I suggested cloud because I thought you might end up with issue related to public IP. Seems it is all sorted out. Great use of pi.
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    There are several numbers of node.js hosting companies available. Some of them are offering limited features and some give unlimited features it totally depends on your hosting company.

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    @deena not gonna lie, it sounds like your are not just recommending but advertising them ahah.

    But I`ll check it out
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