My rant is that I low key hate devRant.

I'm 23, I'm an average software engineer, with some expertise in machine learning and with a decent job.
But seeing all your cool stories, skills and rants makes me feel like I don't know shit and everyone else is just more driven, skillful and passionate, taking care of a 1000 pet projects at a time and dominating their work routine.

Oh impostor syndrome, how I've missed you!

P.S.: I still love your rants, keep them coming.

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    Everyone has his days bro and no one is good at everything, as long as you enjoy what you do and are passionate about something, what gives?👌
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    @JKyll fair enough 💛

    @Floydian word, word.

    Thanks for cheering me up guys, appreciate it.
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    @ventodiventu Dude relax .. Just do what you're doing and give zero() fucks about what others are doing ..
    More importantly, don't let your work get affected by your knowledge of what others could be doing .. !!
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