This isn't really a hacking story but it does remind me of something I did as "revenge."

In middle school, this one fool kept bullying me. Always tried to harm me, always tried to insult me, always tried to make me fall during PE.

I hated him a lot, so instead of trying to kill him as planned, I did a harmless little keylogger prank thing.

I installed a keylogger on the school's laptop before class. (I did it during break, and when class started, I placed it on his desk.)

He took the bait, and instead of doing work, he logged onto his social media accounts. Now I had his passwords and everything.

When I went home, I logged onto his social media. I checked his messages so I can get some dirt on him, didn't find much except for the fact he snuck out a few times, and smoked before.

I changed his profile picture to some cringy anime thing and messaged one of his friends (the one who always copied my test answers in History and would steal my homework) and I said, "tell --- that if he doesn't stop being an asshole, I'll do worse than "hack" his social media."

It freaked them both out a bit, but didn't change their behavior, which is a shame because my threat was empty. It's not like I was able to do anything more than that in middle school. To this day, they still have no idea who did that.

This was about 4 years ago.

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    Wow, that's badass!
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    Now that's how you're supposed to teach a lesson to those bullying A holes..!! *high five* 🙌
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    Salutable behavior at its best.

    Even though I think that their punishment was nowhere near harsh enough.
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    I mean, I would have deleted every picture on his profile and replaced it with pictures of dicks...
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    @c3ypt1c came here to say this.
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    You go, Michelle! That's the way ye do it.

    Though this is just an another example that fighting fire with fire does not really help in the end.
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    Oh wow. When I woke up, I thought everyone was going to lecture me saying how rude and mean that was, but I'm glad this was your responses.
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    Nice prank. Though I would only 'promise' stuff that I'm actually able and willing to do.
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    Proud, but one question: how did you install keylogger?
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    I purchased and installed one? I mean, there's really no way to explain how I did it. It's like saying, "how did you install that program?"
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    @Michelle did you have admin rights? The computers at my school block installation
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    Not the ones for tech class. They don't block anything.
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    @Michelle wow. Can I go to your school? The most innocent sites are blocked at my school. Trello. GitHub. What's not blocked? 98% of game websites.
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    That was middle school and only the tech class laptops were like that. :/

    The actual school computers and chrome books couldn't do that.

    Also, I'm a junior in high school, so middle school was a long time ago. We have chromebooks which can't download anything, and the computers in the computer lab is monitored by the school, so they can see what we download. We are able to download stuff, but well get in trouble if we do.
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    @Michelle yes, my school has Chromebooks too, not my favorite pieces of technology. My school doesn't monitor much, we have 1 IT guy for 4 schools.
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    Revenge is sweet. Too bad there wasn't something dirty enough to make him stop. This rant reminded me of this picture I have come across earlier today
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