A friend (also a colleague) of mine had hacked the password of his manager's Netflix account 😆

Well, can't call it as "hacking" in 2018 when you can sneak into an idle laptop and view stored passwords in Chrome.

Now this Netflix account works as a "charitable trust" and more than 30 people are aware of the password 😆

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    Easy way to lose a job.
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    @paranoidAndroid Meh!! That's just Netflix. Nothing related to the organization. So why would one get fired?
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    Please dm me the credentials too ;)
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    @EmptyStack ehm, because he accessed all stored passwords in chrome? Huge breach of trust. I wouldn't care if that guy "just" wanted the netflix password. He would be in trouble.

    Next someone "hacks" the boss' email account and your friend will suddenly be the main suspect. Even if the boss was using '1234' and a stranger guessed the password, it won't matter.
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    I thought chrome had fixed this / put it behind a password. So bad if they haven’t...
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    @onlinechris I think it's a user choice, setting up a password..
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    @EmptyStack if you don’t understand why sneaking into your bosses laptop and stealing his personal information - and then disseminating it - would get you fired.....

    Well... good luck at life.
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    Don't you require the system password to view stored passwords in chrome?

    I question the validity of this post
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    @SSDD well, first thing, it was one of my friend. Second, every organization has a strict rule of security and confidentiality which clearly mentions that a person should not leave his system unattended. It should be locked. So who do you think is not following the guidelines here?
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    @seraphimsystems like I replied to a fellow ranter, my friend was able to access his manager's Chrome because he had left it unlocked for a long time.
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    @EmptyStack oh the old "but I was teaching him a lesson defense."

    Good luck in the HR meeting.
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    @seraphimsystems probably you missed out what I've written. Let me rehash it for you. I've mentioned that "my friend had". Which means, this story is quite old. And what made you jump to a conclusion of "teaching him a lesson"? I'm not really sure what his intentions were.
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    It's still totally valid grounds to get fired, no matter how you try to justify it.
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    @EmptyStack listen I'll read it properly when there's an exam!!

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    @NGPixel I'm not justifying anything. Just pointing out facts. Moreover this is quite a old story, like I mentioned already.
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    @EmptyStack both parties.
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    I don’t know how anyone could feel so secure in doing something like that.
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    @sighemoji kinda true! If I were him, I would think twice before doing something like this.
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