This is another high school story. mostly because i’m in high school.

like most schools we have horrible forced passwords. Our school recently purchased microsoft 365. which means we all use outlook for our emails. the logins for our district follow the sand format.

s + first five of last name (x’s for missing letters) + first letter of your first name + the last three of your student id.

so for example Sean Peterson 456705 would be speters705. since we have outlook we can look up a persons name and get their email which gives you the last three of their password. All passwords start with a 4 and most are followed by a five so you pretty much can get 5 out of the 6 numbers in their password.

so to mess with my friends i signed into all of their accounts and messed with their emails so they thought they were getting random emails. and then i made word documents on all of their accounts and just pretty much messed with all of their school stuff.

so that’s my “hacking” story. my district doesn’t allow you to change your password so i’m pretty much stuck. pls help.

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    Jesus Christ why are educators so fucking technologically incompetent? We're reaching a generation who was surrounded by technology for almost all their lives. 5 more years or so and we'll have a generation surrounded by technology from birth. It's becoming one of the biggest aspects in education in my opinion. Therefore safe practices are something you should teach by example.
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    If you're not going to allow password change, at least enable 2FA! (Directed at the school)

    I'm guessing educator logins are similar?
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    @scytheri0n they have a similar username but they can change their passwords since it’s our computer login too.
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    Our school is halfway sane. They have their passwords linked with each other through the use of a password manager program (actually pretty secure) where you set a master password and it becomes your password on all other applications. The only problem is that it turns out we’re NOT supposed to change our passwords from a schoolwide password even though it’s very self explanatory on how to change it (like just 5 clicks)
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